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How to Change the Display Name in Gmail

Changing Gmail’s name is to help showing Gmail message will be diffirent from the name you register in Gmail.

There is some tip for you to change your account’s name. When you register Gmail, people often unconsciously named your Gmail like your showing name. Therefore, how to change account’s name in Gmail, let’s refer to to the article below.

Step 1: You must access to Gmail, and access to “settings” like this page.


Step 2: Click “Edit info” to edit the information.


Step 3: Now you can enter your new name in “new Gmail’s name”. Then you save this change to complete.


So gmailtuts.com introduced to you the way to change your name. Afterwards, when you will see your account will show another name, we suggest you should change your name which is same as your fullname to make people receive your Email recognize you. You can consider  our writing “how to log out Gmail”.